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Maltańskie Ministerstwo chętnie dołączy się do projektu


Ministerstwo Gospodarki, Innowacji i Małych Przedsiębiorstw Malty wyraża swoją gotowość do uczestnictwa w programie Interreg Europa 2014-2020.

Szanowny beneficjencie,

do krajowego punktu kontaktowego dla programu Interreg Europa 2014-2020 spłynęło portfolio Ministerstwa Gospodarki, Innowacji i Małych Przedsiębiorstw Malty, w którym ministerwo zgłasza swoją gotowość do uczestnictwa w projekcie, jako partner regularny. Zainteresowanych zachęcamy do zapoznania się z treścią nadesłanego e-maila, który udostępniamy poniżej:


Dear National Contact Points,

As the representative of the Maltese National Contact Point, I received a request from the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Business of Malta. This Ministry is interested to join as partner in project proposals under the INTERREG EUROPE Programme. Please find below further details  on the Ministry's interests and also on the responsibilities which fall under this Ministry's portfolio.

The Ministry for the Economy Investment and Small Business is responsible for the promotion of entrepreneurship. The aim is to design an entrepreneurship strategy which mainly focuses Entrepreneurship in general be it within Youths, women and also aspiring entrepreneurs. The action plan for the strategy formulation is the following

  • Stock   taking  of  the  current  state  of  play  as  regard entrepreneurship   –   what  actions  are  being  implemented,  programmes infrastructure in place etc..
  • Identify  gaps  within  the  current  system  and  put  forward suggestions on how to close those gaps.
  • Monitor and review the strategy annually.

A research study of the current state of play will be performed in order to identify any gaps within the system whilst simultaneously look at best practices used by foreign institutions that best fit our scenario. A pilot project will then be implemented utilising the data gathered and test if the best practices identified work for the local scenario.

The Ministry is mainly responsible for investment attraction while also oversees SMEs operational environment. Through the entities and directorates falling under its remit the Ministry strives to reach these goals whilst also supports other initiatives which aid the local economic environment.

Please disseminate this e-mail to the entities you think might be interested to include this Ministry in their partnerships. Please find below details of the contact person for this partnership request.                                              

Jeffrey Bugeja - Director of Enterprise Policy and Schemes Directorate

t: +356 22209861 e: |

Thank you very much in advance.

Best regards,

Caroline Debattista

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